Friends of Ernest Bloch Legacy Foundation

If you or your organization are helping to preserve and promote the legacy of Ernest Bloch, pleas contact us so we can recognize your efforts.


We wish to thank the Jewish Music Institute for its efforts to launch the International Ernest Bloch Society in London on July 8, 2008.  More details to follow.


We want to thank all the delegates in attendance at the Ernest Bloch Conference at Cambridge University July 29, 30 and 31, 2007 for their contributions to the Ernest Bloch Legacy Project.

Thank you!

Cristin Allen

Dalia Atlas

Geraldine Auerbach

Ernest Bloch II

Joni Bloch Metolius

Philip Bohlman

Miriam Brickman

Simon Campion

Gill Cashdan

Hirsh Cashdan

Betty Collick

Barry Davis

Ruth Davis

Julian Dawes

Audrey Ellison

Yosif Feigelson

Frank Geltner

Jo Geltner

Daphne Gerling

Natania Goldrich

Milly Gottlieb

Stanley Henig

Alain Hirsch

Laurent Hirsch

Veronique Hirsch

Jehoash Hirshberg

Godfrey Huddle

Akinori Itoh

Alexander Knapp

Serena Leader

Oliver Margulies

Sita Milchev

Malcolm Miller

Klara Moricz

Zacharia Plavin

Rugh Rosenfelder

David Schiller

Ronald Senator

David Solomon

Norman Solomon

Susan Wollenberg

Joella Werlin


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