Jewish Music Heritage Recordings

Bloch Performs Bloch

with Zara Nelsova, cello

Aron Marko Rothmueller, bass baritone

London Philharmonic Choir and Orchestra

London, 1949


These historic recordings are the only studio recordings by Bloch of his own works. They were made during a tour of Britain in 1949. The concert he gave at the Albert Hall in London was described at the time as, 'One of the great occasions, not only of this season, but of this generation.'


1. Schelomo (Hebrew Rhapsody) 20.12

From Jewish Life -- Three Sketches

2. Prayer 4.12

3. Supplication 2.29

4. Jewish Song 2.25

Sacred Service (Avodath Hakodesh)

5. Part 1: 10.39

Meditation, Mah Tovu, Borechu

Shema Yisroel, Veohavto, Mi Chomocho, Adonoy Yimloch, Tzur Yisroel (traditional)

6. Part 2: 5.12

Kedushah (Sanctification)

7. Part 3: 7.40

Silent Devotion (and Response)

Yihyu Lerozon, Seu Sheorim, Taking the Scroll from the Ark (interlude),

Toroh Tzivoh, Shema Yisroel, LEcho Adonoy

8. Part 4: 6.27

Returning the Scroll to the Ark,

Hodo al Eretz, Toras Adonoy, Etz Chayim

9. Part 5: 14.16

Va'anachnu (Adoration), English Prayer,

Tzur Yisroel, Adon Olom, Benediction. Amen


Total playing time 73.32

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